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Our Story

This property was strip mined years ago, leaving it lacking in natural minerals. Today, it is a beautiful property full of wildlife, including whitetail deer. However, Amos knew that the land was a poor source of minerals for the herd. Providing the right minerals to the herd would benefit their health and make up for the lack of natural mineral sources on the property. 

After researching the variety of mineral mixes on the market, Amos wasn't satisfied. He searched for a product with the best combination of ingredients for a fair price, but just couldn't find the mix he was looking for. He wanted a product with both minerals and vitamins, suitable for his free range herd. He found many products on the market were cheap salt mixes with low doses of minerals that were very expensive considering ingredients they contained. Improving the health of the deer on his property was his goal, not finding a bait for harvesting. So he began the process of formulating his own mineral mix with the help an an experienced wildlife nutritionist.

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DeeRX Herd Helper was born and it's become the main product of family business. From testing the product, to packaging it, to processing orders, Amos's family is involved through the whole process and they wouldn't have it any other way.

The Stoltzfus family owns a large property in Northern Central Pennsylvania. They visit this camp often to relax, hunt, and spend time together with family and friends. “Hunting to us is a family affair” according to Amos. Out of his eight children, seven of them (and his wife, Barbie) enjoy bonding together while hunting. Amos, Barbie, and their eight children are all involved in hunting habitat management on the property.

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